Chief Innovation Officer

Humphreys & Partners Architects 

Walter Hughes has 32 years experience in the architectural and planning field, bringing a wide range of experience in design and planning to Humphreys & Partners. His design management demonstrates a unique ability to bridge the understanding between conceptual ideas and real architectural form, producing exciting solutions to each project.  Trained as an architect in his native  Uruguay,  with  a  Masters  in  Architecture  from  the  University  of  Texas  at  Austin,  he  is  responsible for implementing the team’s ideas into workable solutions.

Walter  currently  serves  as  the  Chief  Innovation  Officer.  He  leads  and  oversees  the  development,  management,  and  execution  of  all  R&D  projects  from  conception  to  launch.  His  extensive  architectural and urban design experience covers all building types from wood frame single family to concrete high-rise buildings, and has been recognized in several award-winning projects.

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