CEO and Founder

Nitya Capital & KPM Multifamily

Swapnil first began his career as an Investment Banking Analyst at Simmons & Company International before moving on to become the VP of Private Equity at Forum Partners, a Hong Kong-based private equity fund.

Following his eight successful years of hard work, Swapnil began to steadily grow more passionate about the world of investing, particularly when it came to the real estate market. This led to his decision to open Nitya Capital’s doors in 2013. Nitya Capital, a privately-held real estate investment firm, owns and manages over $3 billion in real estate assets across the United States. Overall, it has successfully exited over $2.5b in assets with 25%+ in total generated net returns for its investors since the company’s launch. Swapnil utilized Nitya as a means of providing successful returns to all property investors, focusing heavily on acquisitions, asset management, and property management with its sister company, KPM Property Management.

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