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Asset Living

LuAnne was a Partner in  JMG Realty for 25  years  until they were acquired by  Asset  Living in November 2021. She now serves as Executive Vice President for Asset Living, LuAnne oversees a multifamily portfolio of more than 10,000 units on the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast and plays an intricate role inBusiness Development/Client Relations. LuAnne is loving known as the “Corporate Cheerleader”.

LuAnne  has  extensive  expertise  in  economic  and  market  analysis,  investor  and  client  relations, property  acquisition/disposition  supervision,  transaction  and  financial  oversight,  and  business development.

LuAnne has earned the CPM® designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management and has remained  active  over  the  last twenty-five years  in  market-specific  and  national  multi-family associations, where she has served in various officer positions and as board members. LuAnne has received  many  honors  during  her  property  management  tenure,  including  multiple “Special Service to the Rental Housing Industry” awards and the prestigious “Supervisor of the Year”award from SEFAA. LuAnne is an approved instructor for CAM designation classes and is a frequent speaker  at  state  and  national  industry-related  events. LuAnne  and  her  family  currently  live  in Atlanta, GA.

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