Steadfast Apartment REIT

Ella Shaw Neyland serves as president, CFO, and treasurer, and is also an affiliated director of Steadfast Apartment REIT. Ms. Neyland has considerable experience in real estate investment, development and finance. From 2001 to 2004, Ms. Neyland served as Executive VP, Treasurer and Investor Relations Officer of United Dominion Realty Trust(UDR), where she was responsible for capital market transactions, banking relationships and presentations to investors and Wall Street analysts. Ms.Neyland also was a voting member of UDR’s Investment Committee, which oversaw the repositioning of more than $3 billion of investments. Prior to 2001, Ms.Neyland served as the CFO at Sunrise Housing, a privately owned apartment development company, and as the Senior VP of Finance and the VP of Troubled Debt Restructures/Finance for the Lincoln Property Company, a commercial real estate development and management firm. In addition to her extensive real estate background, Ms. Neyland has held executive positions in the banking industry,including CIBC, BancOne and Frost Bank. Ms. Neyland received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

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