Chief Happiness Officer


Audra was a ‘failed air hostess’ who decided to conquer her lack of customer service skills due to air sickness and travel to America in her late teens; to see how it was really done! Collecting ‘experiences', she returned to the UK after 2 years and worked in the hospitality industry training Cross Channel Ferry, Hovercraft, Hotel, Retail and Resort staff inhospitality to name a few. After 7 years in the city of London as a consultant in one of the big 5; she formed her own company. That was 20 years ago and hasn’t looked back. With happy clients in the UK, USA and Middle East, she collects and shares her experiences, creating unique learning opportunities for a vast range of customers.

Audra loves what she does and is laser focused on people, property and service. She has amassed great clients like The Walt Disney Company, Hines, The Atlanta Braves, Bank of New York Mellon, Hammerson, Pacific Retail, Greystar,Invesco, The Canary Wharf Group and CBRE. Her Genius Zone is being around people, collecting their DNA and aligning it with the vision, creating serviceexperiences second to none.

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