Founder and Principal

Sister City

Anna Mackay founded Sister City in 2020. Every Sister City project reevaluates standard development practice to emphasize a just balance of equity -- social, environmental, and financial.

Anna dedicates her real estate development practice to innovating and field-testing concepts of social impact.  She led the first Regulation A crowd-investing effort for new construction in the United States ($1.5M, the Fair-Haired Dumbbell) and raised a tranche of crowd-invested equity from everyday Oregonians for a homelessness project in just 68 hours ($300,000, Jolene’s First Cousin).  She has pioneered new models of development that emphasize non-displacement and affordable retail (Rocket Empire Machine).  Her buildings achieve affordability and community buy-in through the utilization of crowd investing, internally-subsidized financial models, and bold public art.

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