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The Psychology of Attention- The Simple Science to Gaining the Attention of Your Customer On-and-Offline

We live in an economy of attention, with the average consumer seeing upwards of 10,000 ads per day. We are constantly bombarded by thousands of voices and worse, studies show that our attention spans are shrinking. Standing out in a sea of billions has never been more difficult.

Businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs are constantly fretting over which platform to prioritize, where to spend ad dollars, and how to get their customers to work with them. It can feel hopeless, like you’re screaming into a wind that never stops. Meanwhile, your perfect client is still out there, looking for a solution. Looking for you.

This program is a deep dive into the psychology of attention. From pattern interrupts to the science of curiosity, we explore what stops the scroll and what keeps people engaged. Based on research from the world’s leading psychologists and the practical experience of view-count billionaire, Hilary Billings, you will get insider knowledge on how to deliver your message so that it reaches millions.

This session will help reduce the stress of the social media grind, and help you focus on what really matters — getting your customer’s attention, and keeping it.




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