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Breakout sessions

Technology: Data deep dive into today and tomorrow’s top markets

New technology is providing opportunity to access more on-demand data. These leading economic experts give you a sneak peek at the top markets for building multifamily housing today, including risks and challenges associated with each market.

Kimberly Byrum, managing principal, advisory, multifamily, Zonda


Labor: A proactive approach to finding new talent

Finding talent is more difficult today than ever. These organizations are leading in innovative ways to identify valuable talent before there is a critical urgency. Learn how they are identifying prospective employees and attracting them.


Regulation: Solving entitlement challenges

In a recent NMHC survey, the main cause of new development delays was identified as permitting, entitling and professional services. This session dives into the ways to ease the challenges of these critical project elements and reduce the time and resource losses.